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Podiaguard ProductPodiatrists’ Professional Liability

Let Total Dollar’s more than twenty years of experience work for you.

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Podiatrists no longer have to deal with "one size fits all" malpractice coverage...

Peace of Mind with a Financially Stable Insurance Carrier
Insurance is provided through Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAIRCO) a subsidiary of Transatlantic Reinsurance Company (TransRe).

Both FAIRCO and TransRe are A rated by A.M. Best with an XV Financial Size Category ($2 Billion or Greater). 

Premium Savings
The PodiaGuard Program recognizes that each podiatric practice is different. Why pay higher
premiums when it isn't justified? With our program qualified podiatrists will benefit from ...

Coverage Second to None
This is not just professional liability; it is coverage designed for the podiatric practice ...

The Podiaguard program is offered through National Administrator - Total Dollar.
Please contact us today to learn how you can benefit from Podiaguard.

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